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Experiment Set “Conduction of Impulses to Nerve Fibres”



Experiment Topics
Simulation of continuous conduction along non-myelinated axons
Simulation of saltatory conduction by means of a model experiment
Transmission of information by neurotransmitters

Experiment Set “Conduction of Impulses to Nerve Fibres” according to Prof. Dr. Matthias Ducci / Prof. Dr. Marco Oetken
Model for simulating the conduction of impulses along nerve fibres.
The model experiments are based on the property of iron to develop a protective oxide coating in acid solutions under specific conditions. This impressive analogical model is based on the reversibility of the process of passivation and the appearance of a reactivation along a long iron rod. The materials provided allow the students to use the model to demonstrate continuous and saltatory conduction as well as the principle of transmission of neurotransmitters. The required chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, sulphuric acid, sodium chloride solution) are not included.
1 acrylic trough
3 iron rods
1 zinc electrode
15 jackets for isolation of sections of the iron rod
1 sandpaper
detailed experimental instructions

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