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Bendy Fred



Fred offers all the advantages of . Fred’s bendy spine can copy almost any human movement too. Once bent, Fred will remain in that position, to show correct and incorrect postures as well as any pathological malalignments. All skull movements can be shown on the head joints. Protruding spinal nerves and vertebral arteries are also shown on this skeleton, as well as a dorsolateral slipped disc between the 3rd and 4th lumbar vertebrae. Now available on a stable metal stand with 5 casters!

Here are Fred’s other advantages:

Top quality, life-size natural casting
Made from a durable, unbreakable synthetic material
3-part assembled skull with individually inserted teeth
Close to the realistic weight of around 200 bones
Easy to remove limbs
On a stable metal stand with 5 casters (painted white)
Exceptional value for money
Final assembly carried out by hand

Comes with metal stand and transparent dust cover

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