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Gastroscopy-Simulator Gastro EDG



Product information “Gastroscopy-Simulator Gastro (EGD)”
The Gastro simulator combines the possibilities of a realistic anatomical model with the training of interventional endoscopy. A large number of different inserts allows polyp treatments like injection, lifting, cutting and removement, simulation bleeding stop, stenting and others. The simulator and the inserts are made of completely artificial material.

– Training model for interventional gastroscopy
– Realistic anatomical structures
– Removal of tissue with cold snare, e.g. polypectomy
– Taking tissue biopsy with forceps
– Practice of tissue injections
– Varicose ligature
– Placement of stents in the esophagus, stomach and duodenum
– Treatment of bleeding / stopping bleeding with injection, clips and band ligation
– Practice with existing endoscopes and original accessories
– Completely disinfectable

– Optional extension: Module EUS – Training of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) with puncture possibility (FNA)
– Optional extension: Module PEG – Application of a PEG stomach tube through the abdominal wall into the stomach
– Optional extension: Module pancreas and bile duct – Training of interventions in the bile and pancreatic duct, e.g. removal of stones with balloon or basket, balloon
dilatation, placement of stents

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