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Gyne Skill Trainer



Adult-sized female lower torso with accurate anatomy, including ischial spines, pubic bones and sacrum for a realistic examination

Leg stumps already in examination position and with the gynecologic examination wedge the possibility to simulate a leaned position of the patient as in a gynecological examination chair

The bladder can be simulated full or empty to make the palpation of the structure possibly restricted

Offers realistic flexibility of the vaginal canal wall

Seamless, flexible skin for practice of speculum placement

Labia can be realistically separated

Urethra built for catheterization simulation with CH 14 catheter

Abdominal wall can be removed quickly and without any tools to change the uterus and the cervix easily

Latex free

Delivery content:
Gynecologic Skills Trainer P91
Uteri set (4):
Normal uterus
Bicornate uterus
Uterus with 3 removable myomas structures
Enlarged uterus
Cervices Set (6):
Normal nulliparous or para 0 cervix
Normal multiparous cervix
Ectropion cervix (erosion)
Dysplasia cervix
Cervix with carcinoma
Cervix with barrel-shaped carcinoma
Gynecologic examination wedge

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