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HEINE BINOCULAR LOUPE 2.5X – 340mm C-000.32.355



Heine binocular loupes

• Magnification: 2.5x
• Working distance: 340 mm
• HEINE code: C-000.32.355

– achromatic optics: crisp, bright image with colour-correction.
– multi-coated, scratch-resistant silica glass lenses
– produce crisp, clear images.

High magnification with a large field of view and excellent depth of field.
– Water resistant
– Flexibility for precise adjustment: indipendently adjustable

Pupillary Distance controls ensure precise alignment of the optics, for a stereoscopy view.

– i-View loupe mount; provides any angle of view and the possibility flips up and down the optics to exclude or reinclude the magnification during any procedure.
– Different magnification and working distance
Technical Specifications
• Weight: 42 g
• Eyepieces individually adjustable
Standard accessories
Set content:
• optics
• S-frame with i-View loupe mount
• detachable protective lenses
• 2 sterilisable swivel levers
• retaining cord
• cleaning fluid
• carrying case

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