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Monitor for Lipid Glucose hemoglobin






LUX monitor for lipid, glucose and hemoglobin

The cardiovascular diseases are linked to the concentration of cholesterol in the blood. Many people don’t know that their cholesterol is high or do not monitor it. Lux gives benefit to doctor to do a complete lipid screening plus glucose and hemoglobin in less than 3 minutes.

Only 45 µl for the complete lipid panel, 7 µl for the hemoglobin, 0.5 µl for the glucose.

Doctor can test during consultation with patient.

Complete lipid panel in 3 minutes
Measurement of cholesterol, triglycerides, HDL, LDL at the same time in less than 3 minutes.

Additional hemoglobin and glucose test Software for download PC (GB, IT)
Optional data reading software (CD + cable) for easy download.

Lux monitor is supplied with carrying bag, pipette 15 µl, pipette 7 µl, 3xAAA batteries 1.5 V and manual (GB, IT).

Made in Italy.
Minimum operating system requirements: Windows 7
Technical Specifications
Number of measurements: More than 500 measurements (lipid) or more than 1?000 measurements (glucose or hemoglobine)
Method of measurements:
Lipids and Hemoglobin: optical method
Glucose: electrochemical method
Display: LCD (LED Backlight)
Operation buttons: 3 buttons (ON/OFF switch, up button and down button)
Memory: 1.000 readings
Function: Average of glucose measurements (7, 15, 30 days)
Power source: 3 x AAA 1,5 V aIkaline manganese batteries

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