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Obesity Model



We typically think of fat in terms of how it makes us look on the outside, but this cross-sectional model of the hips cleverly turns the issue inside-out. Pear and Apple shaped bodies in two cross-sections of the hip area. The Pear shape is referred to as “lower body fat”. This is mainly composed of subcutaneous fat. The Apple shape is referred to as “intra-abdominal fat”. Intra-abdominal fat can be composed of visceral and subcutaneous fat. Illustrating effects from obesity such as compression from visceral fat on the colon, common iliac artery and veins, ureter, small intestine, femoral nerve, etc. The education card depicts an Apple, Pear, and a normal section of the same areas with callouts. Each half of the model is approx. 3 1/2″ x 6″ x 3 1/2″.

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