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Obstetric Examination Simulator


Product information “Obstetric Examination Simulator”
This simulator represents a pregnant woman in the 39th to 40th week of pregnancy and allows the training of the fundamental examination skills for prenatal check-up. Additionally to palpation and abdominal measurement it allows auscultation of foetal heart sounds.
– The soft and elastic skin provides a life-like sensation of palpation
– The pelvis and fetus are anatomically correct
Examination techniques:
– Palpation
– Leopold – maneuvers
– Seitz – method
– Auscultation
– Natural sounds, recorded with doppler stethoscope
– Umbillical blood flow
– Umbillical blood flow and fetal heart sounds (posterior and anterior)
– Fetal heart sounds
– Natural sounds, recorded with conventional stethoscope
– A remote control allows the selection of heart sounds as well as adjustment of volume and heart rate.
– The heart sounds can be played on a speaker if desired.
– Measurement
– Abdominal girth
– Fundal height
– External Pelvimetry

Size: 30x60x30cm, Weight: 11,2kg

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