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Obstetric Practice Doll



Product information “Obstetric Practice Doll”
This modular practice doll is the universal tool for Midwifery education. It was developed in cooperation with midwifery schools and provides training for all important skills. Exchangeable modules allow practice of Leopold-gestures, breast care, vaginal examination of birth process, different birth positions, birth simulation, Episiotomy and postpuerperal examination. The model includes a heartbeat-simulation. Special material makes the doll feel like a real human and reacts realistically during training. While developing the model special attention was drawn to details that are important
for practical training. The vulva for example is not just an opening, it stretches like a real vulva during birth. As a full body manikin this model has the advantage against other simulators that it can be used in a complete theatre, for example the birth procedure can be practiced in a real birth position.

The supplied modules are:

Pregnancy module

This module contains an amniotic sac with foetus (36th to 40th week of pregnancy), a heartbeat simulation and an abdominal wall with breasts. This module is suitable for practicing Leopold‘s gestures, palpitation, and heartbeat monitoring (volume and rhythm can be modified by the teacher).
The amniotic sac can be inserted in different ways to simulate different positions of the foetus within the womb. Additionally, the model can be used to teach breast care and breast feeding. This module was redesigned and is now made of a new material which is even more realistic in touch and feel.

Stages-of-Birth Module

The stages-of-birth module can be used to keep the Bishop Score. Three different stages of the cervix and a foetal head can be inserted. The foetal head can be placed in various positions; the cranial sutures and fontanels are palpable. All inserts can be rotated and modified. This module was
redesigned and is now made of special soft and flexible material which makes it even more realistic and natural in touch and feel.

Obstetrics Module

This module can be used to practice birthing in all common birthing positions. It can be used for setting up a full training theatre. The highly flexible vulva made of new extremely dilatable material responds very realistically, providing an ideal opportunity to practice protecting the perineum. The foetus doll is made of soft plastic, weights 2.3 kg, and is 42 cm long. The circumference of the head is 30 cm. The doll can be used to practice the initial examination and aspiration. The highly realistic umbilical cord and placenta complete the model. The umbilical cord can be cut and the cut area can be prelaced. Birth can be demonstrated in breech position realistically.

Episiotomy Module

Replaceable episiotomy inserts make it possible to teach and practice episiotomy sutures. The individual inserts can be reused repeatedly, provided the sutures are removed with due care.

Postpartum Module

Four different uterus inserts permit postpartum palpitation and measurements. The module contains three normal uterus inserts (first, third, and fifth day) as well as an abnormal uterus (first day). The abdominal wall included has breasts for practicing breast care.

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