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PLICOMETRO – Professional skinfold caliper – mechanical



PLICOMETRO – Professional skinfold caliper – mechanical

This high precision instrument measures the thickness of a fold of skin with its underlying layer of fat giving physicians the situation of the subcutaneous tissues of the patient.

Possibility of re-calibration
Produced to meet International Standards, the Gima “Skinfold caliper” has springs which exert a pressure of 10 g/mm2 on the skinfold and an accurate scale which measures thickness in mm. With possibility of re-calibration of the pressure it solves the major problem of traditional skinfold caliper that is reduction of the tension of the spring in the time.

Easy to use and read
With double reading scale, it is supplied with picture showing advised positions for measurements. Tables will help obtain correct % of body fat from measured data and make a correct evaluation of the patient.

Stylish and user-friendly
A special nylon finish makes the device feel skin, avoiding trouble of contact with metal. Made in metal and sold in an attractive wooden box (19x36xh 6 cm). Made in Italy, provided of medical device CE certification. User manual in GB, FR, IT, ES, DE.
Technical Specifications
Measuring range 0-40 mm

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