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Precision balance PBS/PBJ



only PBJ: Automatic internal adjustment in the case of a change in temperature and time-controlled at defined intervals, guarantees high degree of accuracy and makes the balance independent of its location of use
only PBS: Adjusting program CAL for quick setting of the balance accuracy using an external test weight
Metal housing: robust and sturdy
Weighing with tolerance range (checkweighing): Input of an upper/lower limit value. A visual signal assists with portioning, dispensing or grading
Totalising of weights
Identification number: 4 digits, printed on calibration protocol freely programmable
Automatic data output to the PC/printer each time the balance is steady
Draught shield standard, on all models with readout [d] = 0,001 g, weighing space W×D×H 180×193×87 mm
Protective working cover included with delivery
Watch the product film

Single-cell advanced technology:
Fully automatic manufactured weighing cell from one piece of material
Stable temperature behaviour
Short stabilisation time: 3 sec
Shock proof construction
High corner load performance
In order to make it easier for you to make the right choice of balance, we have included a quality code for each model, which is made up of two quality features and will give you technical data and pictograms in addition to the product features. This will help you to make the decision on the perfect balance for your application,

Precision balance PBS/PBJ
Multifunctional laboratory balance with single-cell weighing system and EC type approval [M]

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