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Professional vein showing system



Professional vein showing system

Vein showing system with high definition real-time 3D images helps healthcare professionals locate veins much more easily on patients with difficult venous access. Harmless near-infrared light is projected on to the skin and then absorbed by blood, but reflected by surrounding tissue.

5 different projection colours available: green, blue, purple, white and green+, in order to locate veins much better for patients with different skin tones and to relieve visual fatigue for the operator.

Projection size: adjustable size from basic mode 480×640 to small size 120×320 and vice-versa.

Vein showing system is especially suitable for patients with small veins, low blood perfusion rate veins, frequent venipuncture, vascular lesions and the patient who needs to be punctured in the particular vein. Suitable also for cosmetic procedures.

Vein showing system works for all body types and skin tones: infant/children, geriatric, oncology patients, obese patients dark-skinned, dermatosis and scar patients.

Clinical areas: pediatric, emergency, plastic surgery, radiology, laboratory, operation room, vascular surgery, geriatrics, etc.

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