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SIM VS Monitor and Defibrilator



Product information “SIM VS Monitor and Defibrilator”
SIM VS Simulation Platform

Use across multiple settings with both live patients or manikins
Instructor‘s tablet controls the physiological displays of 3 types of monitor interfaces: defibrillator, hospital monitor, and mechanical ventilator
2-way wireless communication allows instructors to monitor student decisions during simulation
Built-in checklists allow performance capture for structured debriefing
Instructors can control up to 10 tablets at the same time
High-resolution display

Easy to Use
Devices automatically connect
Easily navigate through programmed or on-the-fly scenarios Wide control over physiology transitions Scenario Flexibility
Comprehensive scenario library for nursing, EMS, and respiratory therapy
Easy-to-use scenario editor allows rapid creation of new scenarios or editing of existing ones
Community Server function allows scenario sharing across organizations

Realistic Physiology and Controls
Over 200 cardiac and respiratory waveforms
Display 12 leads and X-rays
Adjustable alarms
Instructors see students‘ choice
Multi-device control
Portability and multiple monitor types allows in-situ and IPE scenarios

The Monitor and Defibrilator System has the following features:
shows the screen of defibrilator and ICU Monitor.
40 scenarios
Intructor tablet
2 student tablets

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