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Smoking Model 3/1



Smoking cigarettes can cause damage to most of our organs, several diseases, including cardiovascular, lung cancer, and respiratory diseases. In general smoking decreases the health of smokers.

Smoking is one of the leading preventable cause of death worldwide, killing several million people each year, from which 15% are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke. Third-hand smoke, when chemical residuals of cigarette smoke adhere on our close environment, like walls, carpets, sofa etc. has higher risk on infants than adults as they crawl and touch everything, and due to that can swallow the hazardous chemicals.

Therefore, tobacco education is a very important part of health education in high schools and in-patient education as well.

Our new, absolutely unique, yet cost effective and user-friendly Smoking model 3in1 clearly and dramatically demonstrates the results of active, passive and third-hand smoking.

The tar that accumulates in the lungs when a cigarette is smoked is collected on a half circular filter. The tar which would reach the lung of a passive smoker can be seen on another half circular filter.

Effect of third-hand smoking can be observed on the wall of the transparent cylinder. The chemical residue of the tobacco smoke can be collected using a cotton bud.

Please ensure that the device is used in conformance with local legislation.

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