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Super OB Susie


Product information “Super OB Susie”
The Super OB Susie childbirth training torso is designed to aid educators teach labor and delivery management skills to learners of all levels. The anatomically accurate pelvis and full-term neonate allows learners to develop clinical skills transferable to scenario-based exercises. The modular design allows the functionality to expand with growing specific training needs.

Package content:

– OB Susie® Childbirth Training Torso

– Pregnant Abdomen

– Full Term Neonate

– Placenta

– (2) Umbilical Cord

– (2) Umbilical Stump

– (2) Cervices

– (2) Birth Canals


– Adult-sized lower torso from diaphragm to quadriceps

– Smooth skin with seamless joints for enhanced realism

– Anatomically accurate pelvic landmarks including ischial spines and coccyx

– Removable pregnant abdominal cover

– Articulating hip joints aid in performing McRobert’s maneuver

– Removable cervix and birth canal

– Lifelike placenta with removable cotyledons

– Practice catheterization exercises with patent urethra

– Urine reservoir holds up to 400 ml

– Patent rectum accepts suppositories Birthing Baby

– Full-term neonate has palpable landmarks, articulating limbs, and soft full-body skin

– Seamless, articulated joints

– Nasal and oral cavities

– Palpable fontanelle and sutures

– Smooth, seamless scalp

– Realistically articulating neck and torso

– Detachable umbilical cord and cord stumps for additional cutting and clamping


– Execute cephalic deliveries

– Perform Ritgen’s maneuver

– Practice breech deliveries (complete, frank, and footling)

– Perform Pinard’s maneuver

– Simulate shoulder dystocia

– Practice emergency interventions including McRobert’s maneuver, suprapubic pressure, posterior arm sweep, and Wood’s Screw

– Perform placental and umbilical exercises (placental delivery, partial placenta previa, nuchal cord, cord prolapse, and many others)

– Practice Umbilical cord procedures like clamping and cutting

– Demonstrate internal rotation, expulsion, and external rotation

Birthing Baby

– Perform operative deliveries with real instruments like vacuum suction delivery and forceps assisted delivery

– Simulate nasal and oral suctioning

Realistic Palpable Anatomy

Palpable pelvic landmarks and dilating cervix for vaginal exam.

Forcep Assisted Delivery

Practice force indication, application, and traction techniques.

Realistic Fetal Presentation

Illustrate cardinal movements, descent, rotation and expulsion.

Smooth, Supple Neonate Skin

Perform vacuum cup application, suctioning, and traction.

Removable Abdomen

Visualize and understand the internal view of fetal movements.

Realistic Umbilical Cord

Practice realistic clamping and cutting of the umbilical cord.

Breech Deliveries

Practice emergency Breech maneuvers: Pinard‘s, Mauriceau, Ritgen‘s, Lovset.

Placental Delivery

Placenta with removable cotyledons to practice managing retained fragments.

Placental and Umbilical Complications

Partial placenta previa, nuchal cord, true knots, cord prolapse and more.

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