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Tracheotomy Care Simulator”



Product information “Tracheotomy Care Simulator”
This simulator replicates an adult male containing oral and nasal passages and all appropriate anatomy such as pharynx, epiglottis, trachea, oesophagus, stoma, cricoid cartilage, representative cervical vertebrae, left and right bronchi and the bronchial tree. The oesophagus dead ends 5 cm below the tracheal opening. A perfect aid to practice oral, nasopharyngeal, nasotracheal and tracheal suctioning, proper cuff ination, as well as cleaning of the stoma area and changing dressings or ties. A viewing window in the neck allows observation of the suction and trachea tube. From the bottom of the simulator one can visually verify the location of a suction catheter in the right bronchus (seen) or left bronchus (unseen). Tracheotomy tube is not included.
Delivered with cleaner and carrying case.

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