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Trinocular Microscope



The range of excellent stereo zoom microscopes with above-average optical features
The ergonomic shape allows a simple, effortless working over a period of several hours
The extraordinarily strong and continuously dimmable 3W LED incident and transmitted illumination ensures a flexible and particularly good level of illumination for your sample
With its large working distance, an extra large field of view and its brilliant resolution, the KERN OZM-5 provides sharp, high-contrast, colour-true images.
The zoom objective offers you continuous magnification from 7,5×–45×
There is a choice of one binocular model as well as one trinocular model for connecting a camera for documentation purposes and for quality reports.
The pillar stand is particularly flexible due to its variable and sturdy adjustment mechanism and therefore enables ergonomic working procedures
A large selection of eyepieces, (universal) stands, a darkfield kit, external illumination units as well as auxiliary objectives and more are available as accessories
A protective dust cover, eye cups, as well as multi-lingual user instructions are included in the scope of the delivery
A C-mount adapter is required to connect a camera to the trinocular version

Scope of application

In vitro fertilisation, detection of parasites, zoology and botany, tissue preparation, section, quality control, electronics and semiconductor industry, assembly and repair


Samples with focus on three-dimensional, zoom with variable magnification (depth, thickness), e.g. insects, seeds, circuit boards, components

Technical data
Optical system: Greenough optics
Brightness adjustable (separate)
Lens barrel 45° tilt
Magnification ratio: 6,4:1
Light distribution 50:50
Eye distance: 52.0 – 76.0 mm
dioptre compensation both sides
Overall dimensions W×D×H 330×285×440 mm

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