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Wrist Pulse Oximeter with software


Small and lightweight wrist Oximeter available for home and clinical long-term and comfortable monitoring.
It can be simply worn on the patient’s wrist as a watch to start the monitoring and can be used for sports to measure SpO2 and pulse rate (PR). Not suitable for pediatric use.

– audible and visual alarm with adjustable alarm limits
– trend review function of SpO2 and PR
– selectable storage modes: 1 group/1s, 1 group/4s, and 1 group/8s
– up to 500 hours storage for SpO2 and PR in default mode (1 group/8s)
– clock setting and date display function
– integrated software to download and store all measurements on PC
– removable finger probe
– comforable to be worn on wrist as a watch

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