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Airmed Nebuliser



A low cost option for a powerful compact compressor that efficiently treats asthma, allergies and other respiratory conditions; suitable for patients of all ages.

Comes complete with a starter pack ready for immediate use
Continuously rated
Compact and lightweight
Easy carrying handle
Reliable performance
Optional travel bag is also available
Includes a 2 year guarantee
Starter Pack Contents:
1 x Adult Facemask
1 x Driveline
1 x Mouthpiece and 5 inlet filters
1 x Child Facemask
Technical Specification:
Weighs only 1.38kg
Respirable output MMAD 4 microns
Operates from 230v mains
Average nebulisation rate 0.2ml/min
Litre flow range – 4-8L/min
Nebulises 2.5ml in 12.5 minutes

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