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Catheterization Trainer with suprapubic access”



Product information “Catheterization Trainer with suprapubic access”
This new catheter training model comes with exchangeable male and female genitals. The male genital has a functional foreskin. Addresses training requirements for Nurse educators, Universities, Community colleges, Simulation lab coordinators, other nursing or continuing education personnel. Suitable for long-term care facilities and emergency room training.


✓ Easily configurable between male or female.
✓ Suprapubic catheterization training.
✓ Replaceable and serviceable parts.
✓ Easy to clean and maintain.
✓ Rectal suppository and enema training.
✓ Disposable bladder works across all applications.

Delivery: Comes with 3 replaceable foreskins, 3 replaceable suprapubic skins and 3 replaceable bladders.

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