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Lactate Scout



Ergonomic device for fast, accurate and reliable lactate measurement.

Easy to use:
only 0.2 µl of capillary blood required
pre-calibrated sensors
device calibrated by simple coding
lactate measurement, date/time, mode, temperature, heart rate and memory ID on a single display

Fast and accurate:
enzymatic amperometric detection method
results within 10 seconds
measuring range: 0.5 – 25 mmol/L (±3%)

Performance measurement:
single and step-test measurements (resting/exercise/recreation)
stopwatch and countdown timer functions
connection to heart rate monitors for linking to lactate value

Integrated bluetooth technology and PC software:
An USB key allows easy transfer to PC and a 4 language (GB, DE, IT, ES) software allows easy data management.

Supplied with nylon bag, empty spray bottle, Bluetooth module, USB key with software and manual, (GB, FR, IT, DE, ES, NO, SE, CZ, GR, NL, PL, TR).

Stores over 500 results
1000 tests using just 2 x CR2450 batteries
E-paper display for easier viewing on the move
Pocket size: 91 x 46 x 21 mm
Weight: 60 g
Multilanguage box: GR, FR, IT, ES, DE
Integrated Bluetooth low energy connectivity

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