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STAT manikin





An economical and manual way to teach patient assessment and treatment of trauma and cardiac related injuries. From simple anaphylaxis with a swollen tongue and NSR, to major chest trauma with reduced peripheral pulses and major cardiac arrhythmias, STAT Manikin brings to life the challenges of the street, whether it’s in a pre-hospital setting or in the A&E Department.
Major features include:

Difficult intubation head, tongue or edema, laryngospasm, cricothyrotomy access Four-lead ECG monitoring
IV training includes:

Phlebotomy, infusion, anatomy of the veins, securing procedures, sharps handling, and record keeping
Other skill areas are:

Tension pneumothorax reduction and chest tube insertion and maintenance
To determine critical blood pressurechanges, this manikin has 12 pulse points, which are controlled so you can demonstrate blood pressures dropping below 70 and 60 mm/hg
Patient handling becomes a challenge when you deal with the 1.85m, well developed physique of the STAT Manikin
STAT comes in its own hard storage case with wheels, track suit, ECG simulator with 17 rhythms, cardioversion, and placing capability
An accessory package includes: Ten neck skins, six pneumothorax pads, four IM injection sites, IV vein replacement kit, two blood packs, fluid reservoirs, cricoid membrane tape, three sets of teeth, lubricant, pneumothorax foot pump, and pulse bulb.

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